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Monday, February 17, 2014

Article Writing Tips & Guidelines #ExpertWriter

An article can be an update or announcement about your products, services, or company. Writing articles is a fast and effective way to gain online exposure and increase the chance of your company appearing in the first few search results on search engines such as Google.

Why? Because article submissions...

Contain keywords about your products and services. The greater the density or repetition of a keyword within a website, the greater its chance of ranking highly.
Are free, and you can post an unlimited number.
May appear in our newsletter and on our home page the day they are posted.

Keys to writing winning articles:


The title should include the search terms or keywords you want users to find you under when searching for a product or service that your company offers - try to focus on 1-2 keywords per article.


Repeat the exact keyword or phrase from the title throughout the body of the article (at least 4 times) especially in the opening line and paragraph.

Editorial Requirements

In order for your article to be included on this site, we ask that the following guidelines are observed:

Articles must be written impartially - i.e. topical, from a neutral and/or 3rd person standpoint, without superlatives ('best', 'fastest', 'cheapest'), or exaggerated statements ('the largest tool range ever launched!').
Include factual information but don't include costs or prices. Avoid 'sales' style language.
Word Count: 180-350 words in length, with a 50 word minimum.
Text: supplied as a Word document (simple text, unlocked .doc) with a separate image.

Articles may take up to 5 working days to be published on the site, and to appear on search engine pages.

Our editor reserves the right not to publish articles that do not adhere to these guidelines and to make amendments where necessary.

Disclaimer: Catch and its affiliated websites cannot guarantee your company ranking on search engine results pages. Search results are constantly changing and therefore search rankings can move over time.

Source: Fred Holt, M.A. (English) from University of New Jersey, specialized in teaching content writing, business, and technical communication. Go Articles


  1. these are helpful tips - thanks for sharing!

  2. I always add structure to my post so it would be easier to write.

  3. It was good of you to share these tips for people who would like to publish with you.

  4. These are great tips from a prolific writer . like you.


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