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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Increase WebSite Traffic Writing Articles #ExpertWriter

Many webmasters wonder how they can increase their website traffic without spending a dime. When I build my first site I did not know either. I just told all my friends about my new site and eventually started contacting other webmasters to propose a link exchange.

Link exchanges are time consuming and they only give you a link to the main page of the site. What about the other equally - if not more - important pages? I think you will agree that sticking only to those tactics will never get your site massively exposed like Article Writing can.

Attaining More Visitors by Writing Articles:

Fortunately, There is another way to get links, and thus more visitors, to your site.
Submitting articles to an Article Directory is the perfect way to increase incoming links - and thus increase website traffic - to your site pages and it does not cost a single cent. Not only do you gain incoming inbound links, you also build a relationship with your off-site (and eventually on-site) readers. A very powerful traffic tactic. Actually more common sense than a tactic.

Quality content articles can really attract your readers in becoming returning visitors. It is the perfect medium to build trust with them.

Just picture someone enjoyed reading your article, wanting more just like it. Would you think they are curious to what more your site has to offer? You can be sure of it! If your readers already liked what you wrote, they will want more and most probably visit your site.

Increase web site Traffic with More Links to Your Site:

Now, how does writing just one article get you more links to your site ?
Article authors are usually allowed - in return for submitting their articles to an Article Directory - to put a few links in their Author Resource Box. The Author Resource Box is included at the bottom of each article and contains some information about the author, their business, any other info the author likes to add and of course one or two links. Just look at the bottom of the article you're reading now.

It would seem though that one article would only give you just one or two links to your site. That is actually true. But if you submit to as many Article Directories as you can, you will have that many more links to your site pages. Some Article Directories send out the articles of their authors to other Article Directory. Something SmallArticles is working on right now, and might even already be accomplished when you visit our site.

If so - one article on Small Articles with one link at the bottom becomes hundreds of articles spread over hundreds of other Article Directories. That's hundreds of incoming inbound links to your site pages - ready to be crawled, ranking you higher in the search engine listings. Again, all for free!

Now that's what it's call allot of links. But that's not all ...

Many of these Article Directories allow webmaster - who are looking for great content - to reprint your article on their site(s). We invite all publishers to reprint our articles. Webmasters are allowed to use tools to publish your article, on the condition they leave the author links intact and leave the article as is. Allot of webmaster are looking for great content for their site(s). So if your article is what publisher prefer best, publishers will publish your article and you will have that many more additional inbound links to your website and that many more changes for visitors to stumble upon your site. Yet many more great aspects that comes with writing and publishing articles.

Final Say about Article Writing:

In the end it all comes down to writing as many articles as you can. If one article can give you hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day - for years to come - think about writing 10 articles, or more ... You can literally explode website traffic coming to your website. It all depends on how many you write and submit.

If you do not know how to start or how to write a good article, there are many articles out there that with great advice to master article writing. Just do some searches.

Finally, here is my final help to you get started. Write about what you know. You will never have trouble writing about what you know. Just start like that. Feature your article with kind helpful advice and add you own thoughts. Read your article out loud. Make sure there is a smooth flow to it. Do not use long sentences. Write an article as if you are telling a story to someone. And do an extensive spell check in the end. But never rush writing an article.
Stick to that. You will come to like writing articles and your readers will like reading them. Trust me. It is really rewarding - any way you look at it!

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