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Monday, August 24, 2015

What We Need Right Now Are The Urgent Solutions Not Fatal Remarks #ExpertWriter

While the DOTC Secretary wanted to show his expertise to the Filipino people, he never thought that his words to the media got the times of his life. Apologizing publicly was the only recourse for him to pacify the outcry. Construction from other different parts of metro Manila moved the traffic congestion into its zenith. Likewise, the MRT3 also got the longest running squabble for his government job.

What we need right now are the urgent solutions that can give the ease of transporting the riding public to their daily work. Prioritization of the government programs and the timing it’s to implement gives much point in controlling and monitoring the course of action.

The DOTC Secretary has much time to elaborate the effectiveness of his decision in continuing the transportation section of Metro Manila and the whole of the Philippines. It takes knowledge and expertise in doing this kind of job. But fairly considering the work done by Jun Abaya, the harder it gets to complete its focus.

Political opposition always got to react every time the Aquino government moves its wings for development. Lots of them know the reasons why and it’s just the normal thing to confront through the media. It spreads totally within the framework of their desire to smear the present administration.

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) have agreed to undertake the two-station approach. The proponents of LRT-1, LRT-7 and MRT-3 have yielded to the DOTC decision to adopt the two-station approach (instead of a single station) to effect the transfer of passengers from any of the three lines to any of the other two lines in order to proceed to their respective destinations. There so many consequences that we can give for this kind of thinking. But making them work well with train system will be to give ease to the riding public. Maybe, the present administration will study and tackle the pros and cons of this approach.

If we, the people cannot help the government in continuing their efforts for the betterment of our transportation services, then, and only then, they couldn’t provide us the good services that we wanted for. Sometimes, we have to give them the time to work for programs that needs permanent solutions like the metro rail and traffic congestion.

Negative remarks from media, political opposition and even the netizens have gotten its course in devaluating the way the present administration was doing for the good of all Filipinos.

The betterment of our nation lies for us people, to help and understand the way government officials are doing with their jobs. Let us unite to give aid to our government and conduct positive moves for the betterment of ourselves and the Philippines as a whole.

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