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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The MRT3 - DOTC Wheel of Fortune Game? #ExpertWriter

For Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya, the MRT3 thing is like building a castle in the air. With so much failed contracts and bidding that nobody could decipher what he’s up to? Even more Senate hearing for this case, it will never be resolved. For one, Jun Abaya has the sole responsibility in deciding the future of MRT3 because his projection for rehabilitation and development requires guts to delay such services to the commuters. And why he’s bound to do these instead?

For the last hearing, he reasoned out that improvements in Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT3) services will be felt by the first quarter of 2016, or by March at the latest. There will be improvement in service come first quarter. Remember that he always done this reasoning when questioned about the MRT3 subject matter? His alibis are becoming trash for the sake of dealing with the people. He ordered the “emergency procurement” wherein his secret negotiation for 4.5B rehabilitation project of MRT3. The granting for this purpose caused other sectors to doubt his moves of such huge amount?

Senator Grace Poe stated that deliverables under the 2015 budget should have been implemented including the improvement of MRT’s facilities such as elevators and escalators, which should have been completed by the third quarter of 2015.

The breakdowns of MRT3 are showing for the rest of its operation daily. The maintenance providers hired by the DOTC could not give much positive results when it comes to maintaining the core problems of the train system. It has been observed by the media, train commuters, political groups and the Filipino people as a whole.

Likewise, according to Jun Abaya’s schedule on rehabilitation, the same is true when he projected the movement of MRT3 development. Commuters need an immediate discourse of this problem knowing the availability of the fund. What really bothers them, was the way it could be done by Jun Abaya’s series of failed bidding.

Even President Aquino himself could not let go the DOTC Secretary now. He needed him up to the end of his term for sure. Some leftist groups wanted Jun Abaya to resign on his position because of incompetency. The delaying tactics done by him is just a show for he alone knows the resulting end.

At present, this will prolong him to handle the MRT3 hanky-panky as long as the opposition has the edge to combat the Pnoy Administration and Liberal Party for this matter. They used this as weapon in “hurling mud” to the Liberal Party up to election time.

You know that Jun Abaya is the President of the Liberal Party and one the untouchable of the President according to the opposition political party and other partylist leaders; besides majority of them doubting the maintenance contracts deals done by the DOTC Secretary Abaya.
The wheel of fortune is constantly rolling for this case but nobody ever had a chance to get the closer look what’s inside the Pandora’s Box. Maybe someday, somehow, somewhere….over the rainbow, they can find the answer during Election 2016.

Monday, September 7, 2015

3 Easy Tips to Help You to Write Effective Articles #ExpertWriter

If you hate writing articles, relax. It's a skill you develop with practice, so if you keep writing, eventually you'll enjoy it. Let's look at three easy tips to improve your skills.

These tips are favorites and been writing content for promotional purposes for over a decade, and these are the ones which have helped, as well as the students, the most.

1. What's Your Goal? Know What You Want Your Reader to Do

When you know what you want your reader to do, you know how much information to give to achieve your goals.

If you're posting an article on your own site, and want others to link to it, in-depth content works best. Shorter pieces of content work better on article directories.

2. Create an Outline: It Saves Time

Creating outlines for a batch of articles on one day, and then leave the writing for another day. By "outline", it mean the rigid outlines you learned to write in English class. The outlines are just simple lists: a reminder of what it intend to cover.

You'll find that if you separate outlining and writing, you'll be able to write more, and more quickly.

If you find creating content a challenge, here's the advise to writing students to do: get away from your computer. Try using pen and paper for your outlines, or use your smartphone or iPad.

3. Promote Your Articles

Don't omit this step. Each year, the competition for attention increases online. Give your articles a little help, so that they get more attention.

Try social media marketing on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Encourage readers to subscribe to your RSS feed, or create a newsletter.

These article writing tips are simple, and they work. Try them.

Source: Fred Holt

Monday, August 24, 2015

What We Need Right Now Are The Urgent Solutions Not Fatal Remarks #ExpertWriter

While the DOTC Secretary wanted to show his expertise to the Filipino people, he never thought that his words to the media got the times of his life. Apologizing publicly was the only recourse for him to pacify the outcry. Construction from other different parts of metro Manila moved the traffic congestion into its zenith. Likewise, the MRT3 also got the longest running squabble for his government job.

What we need right now are the urgent solutions that can give the ease of transporting the riding public to their daily work. Prioritization of the government programs and the timing it’s to implement gives much point in controlling and monitoring the course of action.

The DOTC Secretary has much time to elaborate the effectiveness of his decision in continuing the transportation section of Metro Manila and the whole of the Philippines. It takes knowledge and expertise in doing this kind of job. But fairly considering the work done by Jun Abaya, the harder it gets to complete its focus.

Political opposition always got to react every time the Aquino government moves its wings for development. Lots of them know the reasons why and it’s just the normal thing to confront through the media. It spreads totally within the framework of their desire to smear the present administration.

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) have agreed to undertake the two-station approach. The proponents of LRT-1, LRT-7 and MRT-3 have yielded to the DOTC decision to adopt the two-station approach (instead of a single station) to effect the transfer of passengers from any of the three lines to any of the other two lines in order to proceed to their respective destinations. There so many consequences that we can give for this kind of thinking. But making them work well with train system will be to give ease to the riding public. Maybe, the present administration will study and tackle the pros and cons of this approach.

If we, the people cannot help the government in continuing their efforts for the betterment of our transportation services, then, and only then, they couldn’t provide us the good services that we wanted for. Sometimes, we have to give them the time to work for programs that needs permanent solutions like the metro rail and traffic congestion.

Negative remarks from media, political opposition and even the netizens have gotten its course in devaluating the way the present administration was doing for the good of all Filipinos.

The betterment of our nation lies for us people, to help and understand the way government officials are doing with their jobs. Let us unite to give aid to our government and conduct positive moves for the betterment of ourselves and the Philippines as a whole.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Writing Articles- How to give the Audience an Enjoyable Reading Experience #ExpertWriter

Writing articles is the craze today because of the enormous benefits authors can derive from them. To most people writing articles is not a difficult proposition but what is difficult is to write articles that make reading an enjoyable experience. To succeed in this aspect of article writing, several inputs have to come into play.

Here are some of the important inputs that make reading an article a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Whatever expert knowledge an author might display, if the article is riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes most readers will not hesitate to click off rather than go through the agony of reading the whole article. The purpose of writing such an article becomes a waste of time and effort. Hence every effort should be made to check the article for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before publishing.

Whenever a topic is discussed there should be a free flow of ideas and continuity, which makes reading an enjoyable experience. Picking bits and pieces from here and there and piecing them up does not make good reading material. For writing articles of quality extensive research is certainly helpful but knowledge gained from other sources should be put down in your own words and a continuous flow of ideas maintained right from the beginning to the end. This makes reading enjoyable.

A reader picks up an article to read from an article directory for various reasons. It could be that the title has captivated him or he is searching for articles on a particular topic to gather information. He is not going to waste his time reading some nonsense. He is hungry for information. He wants to improve his knowledge. Good Content is what the reader is interested in. Hence your article should be Informative, Precise and Accurate.

If the title is misleading or if the article is of poor quality the reader will move off to another article. Hence when writing articles it is very important that your articles are of quality and displays your expertise in no uncertain terms. The credibility of the author should never be in doubt. You should never get hold of a captive audience and brag about yourself or your business after attracting him to read your article. This is the last thing you should ever do if you intend to build a reputation in the Internet world as an expert author. What the audience perceives about you as an author is what really matters.

Articles written sincerely from the heart are very much appreciated and accepted by the audience because they realize that you are trying to be helpful. The audience begins to enjoy reading your articles and often anxiously awaits your next publication. Their admiration for your articles will gradually turn into trust resulting in increased business.

These inputs are necessary to be successful in article writing and if implemented judiciously in your writing the outcome will be a beautifully written article giving the audience an enjoyable reading experience. With an increasing readership the rewards will start gathering momentum and writing articles will soon be a way of life.

Source: Kanaga Siva @GoArticles

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For this longest running metro train maintenance squabble of MRT3 at EDSA, the DOTC Secretary Emilio Abaya was at the center of controversy which made him the most-sought after by the media and the Filipino people alike. The management and operations of MRT3 have never been good in the eyes of the riding public in the past years. Notable for this was the fare hike that made the public rumbling for his answer. He tolerated his defence with flawless lies and knowing his priorities in the future of MRT3.

In the past, the Department of Transportation and Communication’s Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya issued Department Order No 2014-014 setting the new fares for the three mass train system in Metro Manila; MRT3, LRT-1 and LRT-2. “It’s a tough decision, but it had to be made. It’s been several years since an increase was proposed. We delayed its implementation one last time until after the Christmas season. While 2015 will see increased fares, it will also see marked improvements in our LRT and MRT services,” he said.

Moreover, the fare-hike for three mass train system, resulted different sentiments to all sectors which angered them all. These sentiments ballooned to more disappointments from train commuters who suffered most. They’re expecting for the best services because the DOTC promised for it and also the reason of fare hike. Or, this is the reason why even if fares went up, the public still does not feel any improvement but only worse cases of incidents and where’s the money?

Before, the DOTC wanted the MRT3 buyout through the 54 billion pesos of 2015 budget, but is confused on what to do about MRT3? Or worse, purposely confusing the public for some ulterior motive we can only imagine to happen?

The P54 billion DOTC wants would not buy out the original private owners as DOTC officials are publicly claiming. That large sum of money will only redeem MRT bonds now being held by GFIs. In other words, they would just move money from one government pocket to the other, something they are already doing now with the lease payments.

Secretary of DOTC Jun Abaya had so many announcements for this buyout. He even declared the greatest confidence in completing this buyout when the 2015 budget’s released. The two biggest MRT-3 investors are Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), which have majority representation in the MRTC board, including the board chairman. He placed the value of the two banks’ exposure at $619.1 million, plus a “return” of $312 million for a total of $931.1 million. He valued “non-DBP/LBP investments” at $95.8 million. His funding request also included $143 million for taxes and $2 million for legal fees.

The Senate together with some Congressmen really stopping the MRT3 buyout of the DOTC, that they wanted MRT Holdings to have means of power over the MRT3 operations and development. The Senate is effectively aborting the planned government takeover of the breakdown-prone Metro Rail Transit (MRT3). Senators are insisting on their decision to take out the P53.9-billion appropriation in the proposed P2.606-trillion 2015 national budget for the buyout plan even if the House of Representatives would insist on retaining it.

The Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya had done the impossible while maintaining his stand for the future of MRT3-EDSA. He answered the Senate probed with flair in denying and giving reasons for his ulterior vested interests. It’s being his ways of denying the true colors of MRT3 operations and management.

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), unlike other government agencies notorious for graft and corruption, has been a “best-kept secret” as a lucrative mine or milking cow for cronies of President Pnoy. Reports coming from reliable sources claim that DOTC contracts have served as intimate deals, particularly for of certain DOTC officials.

The future of metro system as a whole is gloomy according to some analysts while its rehabilitation’s vague. The DOTC Secretary’s aiming for his buyout plan until now? Or preparing for 2016 election for Liberal Party?

Another matter for DOTC’s the failed bidding that brought doubts to all Filipinos. Is it intentional to prolong the bad-services of APT-Global maintenance provider?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The DOTC announced that there are no bidders for MRT3 maintenance provider last 20th of January 2015, the second bidding. The same thing had happened on Oct. 28, 2014, the first bidding. The LRT-1 bidding failed earlier, Oct. 24. So did the one for LRT-2 only last Dec. 23.

The DOTC will accept direct negotiation with other company instead? Or, with the failed MRT-3 bidding, DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya indefinitely can retain the joint venture of Global-APT (Global Epcom and Autre Porte Technique) - the present contractors will be extended month-to-month. That means continued sloppy upkeep of MRT-3, and spare parts shortage at LRT-1 and -2. Why?

It would be month-to-month for P57 million, for as long as he wishes? This is another issue for Jun Abaya if his critics will pursue such decision. Likewise, I think, the Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya is always ready to answer their doubts because he strategized every step in building the planned moves.

Of all the immediate concern for MRT3 commuters is safe travel on the trains from point and point B and over the past few months, the system has drawn criticism for recurrent breakdowns due to mechanical glitches. Last August MRT-3 was forced to suspend operations due to mechanical and communication failures. The 15-year-old MRT has been plagued by technical problems and overcrowding.

The worst of these train service disruptions, due to maintenance shortfalls, took place, with the derailment of a southbound train that sent almost 40 people to hospital for injuries. Passenger safety has come off as the more critical issue plaguing the elevated railways system than the source of subsidies for the entire system. It involves life and death while continuing its operation.

While the government unilaterally raised metro train fares by 50-80 percent, with no upgrade in service or facilities. Majority of the people doubting this fare increases would be siphoned into a huge pork barrel fund to finance public works projects through such schemes as the Disbursement Acceleration Program rather than to improve in the metro rail system to make it more efficient and safer for commuters to travel between their homes and jobs?

Some bidders complained about the strict requirements of DOTC which is impossible to attain. Others find the bidding as a ploy of DOTC Secretary so that no bidders will truthfully abide by it that Global-APT (Global Epcom and Autre Porte Technique) continues as the maintenance provider. What really amazed them is that, the people behind this APT-Global are members of Liberal Party.

Then, suddenly, he implemented the treacherous MRT-LRT fare increase just to justify or hastens the move for government side. Waves of disappointments were felt by the train commuters and supporters who demanded for development first before increasing the fare; supposedly for DOTC Secretary to propel the entire financial status of this endeavor in eliminating such drastic move. Devising the amount to be used in 2015 budget’s being evaluated and studied the projected subsidies.

Others doubted his planned moves as the way to expedite an amount to be used this coming 2016 election?

Majority of Filipinos are hoping for them to show that the government decisions now still can give the positive results for their lives.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The fare hike mania of MRT-LRT is making waves of disappointments to some militants groups, political opposition leaders, the commuters, the Senate and majority of Filipinos.

It’s been deliberately announced by the DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya in time with December holidays when none of its critics can take action about the fare hike. Moreover, the DOTC’s going ahead with its decision, the administration was turning a deaf ear to the clamor to suspend the increases until it can show improvements in the services of the metro rail system. The public protests against the Administration clamor to abort the fare increases and flaunted its insensitivity and arrogance to public demands.

The commuters expect the Administration to take action of the train improvements rather than increasing the fare. For, it’s ill-timed in what they’re experiencing in the past. The fare increases would prove disadvantageous to the public, especially the poor. It would worsen the traffic condition in Metro Manila, as these would drive many commuters to ride in buses and jeepneys.

Even Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero vowed to confront Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio A. Abaya and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad over the “treacherous’’ increase of mass transit fare. Both accused the Department of Transportation and Communication of putting one over the public by enforcing the fare increase of the Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail Transit without consulting them beforehand.

The increase, they argued, was ill-timed because Congress approved allocations for MRT and LRT in the P2.606-trillion 2015 national budget, and that MRT has not fixed its glitches.

Other Filipinos think negatively that Secretay Abaya, as the ruling Liberal Party’s acting President has made it a source of dirty money for election 2016. They concluded that such billion-peso corruption been prevented, there would be no need for the fare hike.

The Administration deal with its critics by reasoning out that it’s time to increase the fare because past administration had done nothing to do the increase. The political will to apply the train fare hike’s hard but necessary to maintain the operation.

Because of its strict requirements for second bidding in accepting as MRT3 maintenance provider, none has the guts to continue the bidding process. But Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya is very much alive in maintaining the strict selection of maintenance company. The DOTC will find another way to secure a maintenance provider through direct transaction with them.

Is this another way of the Administration to elude the public in contracting its own partner in dealing MRT3 issues? If the bidding requirements are too strict to follow, then, they are strategizing the effect of fare hike and the maintenance provider. The thing that the Administration could suffice to give for its present situation is the specific move for clarification. It’s totally hard to accept but the clear governance could.

The Filipinos felt the MRT-LRT fare hike as a clamp to their way of living. Demands for the train development are more important to them. Nevertheless, commuters cannot understand fully the issues behind the fare hike. More or less they pretend that the present Administration will help them not to squeeze their budget.

In the future, we can say, after these issues on how the Administration can solve by their prowess of people’s initiatives.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Department of Transportation and Communication’s Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya issued Department Order No 2014-014 setting the new fares for the three mass train system in Metro Manila; MRT3, LRT-1 and LRT-2. “It’s a tough decision, but it had to be made. It’s been several years since an increase was proposed. We delayed its implementation one last time until after the Christmas season. While 2015 will see increased fares, it will also see marked improvements in our LRT and MRT services,” he said.

Moreover, the fare-hike for three mass train system, resulted different sentiments to all sectors which angered them all. These sentiments ballooned to more disappointments from train commuters who suffered most. The thing that the DOTC Secretary had done was “no show” to explain on his side.

The whining of Senator Grace Poe: Wondered why the DOTC imposed the increase after its 2015 budget, including allocations for the rehabilitation of the MRT and LRT, was approved, and without giving the public due notice. She also wondered why the DOTC did not inform lawmakers about the fare increase when it asked for subsidy in the supplemental budget. That early, we could have removed this, and put it in the programs of the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) and DepEd (Department of Education),’’ she said.

More organizations were very vocal against the train fare hike like BAYAN MUNA Representative Neri Colmenares, BUHAY Representative Lito Atienza, and AKO BICOL Representative Rodel Batocabe. And even Senator Escudero observed that the government did not hold public hearings before announcing the increase. There was no public hearing whatsoever, unlike in raising jeepney, bus, or taxi rates. The DOTC simply said the increase was overdue for years, without detailing why it should be 50 percent and not just, say, 5 percent, or even as high as 500 percent, as computed by railway experts.

Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya surprised all concerned leaders, media people, news companies and citizens of the Philippines, that for the past months, he was very much alive with his planned strategies on how to tackled MRT3 problems and continued to move forward with his leadership for the good of the commuters. While at the same time, never had a wink of giving MRT Holdings its proposition for business unification. Even the Senate cannot twisted his firmed ways to solve this gigantic problem of the MRT3 drama that buyout was the only option.

What more could we do with the Secretary right now when he’s very busy for Papal visit? Remember, he’s a transportation secretary, not only in mass train system under his concern but also the whole transportation industry in the Philippines.

The DOTC Secretary, together with the government of Pnoy Administration believed the political will to survive even when worst comes to worst for the Philippine governance?

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