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Monday, January 30, 2012

Article Cloning for Fun and Profit #ExpertWriter

Ok ... The title is a bit misleading as there is no fun or profit involved in article cloning, but I got your attention! Article cloning, which is also called article spinning, or article rewriting, is the process of taking an original article and changing it so that it seems like a new article.

This process is not really a bad thing if done by the original author or a public domain article rewritten manually, but can become a mess when done using an article cloning program. There are several article cloning programs available, and they all pretty much do the same things, turn a good article into a bad one.

What does an Article Cloner do?

Most cloners have options to replace certain words with similar word that may (or may not) mean the same thing, add blocks of text at the beginning, middle and end of existing articles and move blocks of text around.

Using the word replacement option, a line of text from the original articles is changed from this

...The Caption will display directly above your table. Kind of like a title! Your site visitors with normal browsers will not see the summary unless they view your pages source code...,

To this

...The Caption will display directly major your table. Kind of like a title! Your station visitors with general browsers will not see the concise unless they purview your pages alpha code...

Not pretty is it? Now, let’s consider that you have replaced words with the article cloner, and added new sentences top, middle and bottom in the same style as the changed sentence above. I will tell you what will happen. Anybody reading that article will form an instant opinion (probably not a good one) of the author and article publishing site owner and most likely hit the back button on their browser faster than the land speed record!

The article cloning people may point out that the replacement word list for the particular software used was not as good as theirs. I say, it doesn't matter which version of cloning software you use, it's not going work for you. Here’s why. Nearly all words have many different meanings and can mean different things in a different context. Computers just are not smart enough to know which meaning of the word or context the author is using it in. Because of this, your article becomes mostly non-sense.

After cloning the article you are left with two choices. Submit it as it is (not a good idea if you really WANT traffic at your website), or go through the article and fix everything. Neither is a good idea if you consider that by cloning, then fixing the article, you have wasted more time than if you had simply written a new article!

Ok. So you have a ton of public domain, or PLR articles and you want to put them on your article publishing site. Rather than waste time cloning articles (most cloned articles are easy to spot and declined by article publishing site owners anyway), take a paragraph at a time and rewrite it in your own words. It is not fast and effortless, but you will get the new traffic from interested people, search engines will not see duplicate content, and you will get a good reputation as a top article writer.

Source: Jan Michaels Article Friendly


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