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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The MRT3 - DOTC Wheel of Fortune Game? #ExpertWriter

For Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya, the MRT3 thing is like building a castle in the air. With so much failed contracts and bidding that nobody could decipher what he’s up to? Even more Senate hearing for this case, it will never be resolved. For one, Jun Abaya has the sole responsibility in deciding the future of MRT3 because his projection for rehabilitation and development requires guts to delay such services to the commuters. And why he’s bound to do these instead?

For the last hearing, he reasoned out that improvements in Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT3) services will be felt by the first quarter of 2016, or by March at the latest. There will be improvement in service come first quarter. Remember that he always done this reasoning when questioned about the MRT3 subject matter? His alibis are becoming trash for the sake of dealing with the people. He ordered the “emergency procurement” wherein his secret negotiation for 4.5B rehabilitation project of MRT3. The granting for this purpose caused other sectors to doubt his moves of such huge amount?

Senator Grace Poe stated that deliverables under the 2015 budget should have been implemented including the improvement of MRT’s facilities such as elevators and escalators, which should have been completed by the third quarter of 2015.

The breakdowns of MRT3 are showing for the rest of its operation daily. The maintenance providers hired by the DOTC could not give much positive results when it comes to maintaining the core problems of the train system. It has been observed by the media, train commuters, political groups and the Filipino people as a whole.

Likewise, according to Jun Abaya’s schedule on rehabilitation, the same is true when he projected the movement of MRT3 development. Commuters need an immediate discourse of this problem knowing the availability of the fund. What really bothers them, was the way it could be done by Jun Abaya’s series of failed bidding.

Even President Aquino himself could not let go the DOTC Secretary now. He needed him up to the end of his term for sure. Some leftist groups wanted Jun Abaya to resign on his position because of incompetency. The delaying tactics done by him is just a show for he alone knows the resulting end.

At present, this will prolong him to handle the MRT3 hanky-panky as long as the opposition has the edge to combat the Pnoy Administration and Liberal Party for this matter. They used this as weapon in “hurling mud” to the Liberal Party up to election time.

You know that Jun Abaya is the President of the Liberal Party and one the untouchable of the President according to the opposition political party and other partylist leaders; besides majority of them doubting the maintenance contracts deals done by the DOTC Secretary Abaya.
The wheel of fortune is constantly rolling for this case but nobody ever had a chance to get the closer look what’s inside the Pandora’s Box. Maybe someday, somehow, somewhere….over the rainbow, they can find the answer during Election 2016.


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